Sixth, seventh grade Art Explosion gives students opportunity to showcase their art


Photo by Bella Velez

Julia Guilfu, seventh grade visual arts major, admires a tiki sculpture, one of the pieces included in the Art Explosion Gallery. The gallery showcase occurred on March 9. “The Art Explosion was important for the visual arts department as it’s not really an art we can perform so it was a way to show off our talents,” Guilfu said. “We also get to see what other artists have been doing.”

The visual arts department hosted its first Art Explosion. The event featured at least one piece from every sixth and seventh grade visual arts student. The Art Explosion occurred on March 9 and was the first one.

“This show was designed to give the opportunity to every sixth and seventh grade visual arts student to display their work in the gallery regardless of their artistic level,” Stephanie Chesler, visual arts teacher, said.

The department’s focus was to draw new parents and get them involved. That goal was achieved. As Chesler said, this event broke attendance records. It also added to the major camaraderie as several other events, such as Bak on Broadway and the music competition, were also going on.

“It was the best attended show of the year. Really, our aim was to show the parents our focus and what we do here,” Chesler said. “The other thing that added to the show was that many events were also happening at the same time. It made the campus feel alive.”

Every sixth and seventh grade visual arts student had a piece in the gallery. This was many students’ first time in the gallery. The students could choose their own pieces based on their preference and which they felt was their best work.

“I had a perspective painting and a tiki foam sculpture. I chose these pieces because I had never done anything like them before. I felt accomplished to have tried something new and be pleased with the outcome,” Jacqueline Vera, seventh grade visual arts major, said.

The event left many students feeling pleased. As Vera said, students were delighted to have their artwork on the wall, a result of their hard work.

“When I see my artwork in the gallery, I feel proud because I spent a whole quarter putting a lot of work and ideas in it,” Vera said.

This show was the first of a now annual event. The next one will be April 27, featuring visual arts’ graduating eighth graders.