Communications displays its talent to others

From speech and debate competitions to creating art pieces in photoshop, communications majors at Bak Middle School, spend every day working hard at their major. Yet students from other majors doubt the skill of these students and say, “It is not a real performing arts major.”

Kate Wagner, communications major, said, “It is very wrong for people to think that communications is not an art major because we are doing exactly what every other person at this school is doing, art. We twist a tale with our words exactly how visual artists show a story through their art.”

This is exactly it; communication majors are misinterpreted. They make stories with words just as vocal majors and instrument majors do with music, theater with acting, and visual with art. It is all the same yet for some reason people do not give communications majors the respect they deserve. Communications majors should be better appreciated and students should stop judging them.

To start, communications may not be as artistic as some of the other majors, but communications teaches students skills they will use for the rest of their life regardless if they decide communications is not their thing or not. For example, if a vocal major decided they did not want to sing anymore then they would have just wasted all the years they spent studying how to sing at Bak. If a communications major did this it would not influence them because knowing how to talk in front of people, write, and work with the computer are all skills needed in everyday life. During communications classes, students of that major go through a rotation of video production, radio broadcasting, speech and debate, and photoshop classes. They also get the choice to take creative writing or journalism. All of these classes work together to strengthen the students’ skill and concept of communication and prepare them for the future. The world is quickly progressing with technology. Knowing many different techniques on computers will ensure that students are ready for the future of technology.

Communication majors express their talent similarly to the way the other majors do. They create videos to enter into contests using their video production skills, display their radio broadcasting techniques on their radio show, and finally compete in speech and debate competitions against other schools to show off their public speaking skills. Communication majors put on entertaining shows through their words just as theater majors would. They do not sing and dance but they still keep the audience intrigued no matter what they are doing. Although they do it a little differently from other majors, communication majors still express their talent in a show form proving it is a performing art.

Finally, with communications, when students get to college and are trying to decide a career path, communications will take them a lot farther than vocal, theater, or visual art. According to “,” only 10 percent of the two million art graduates in the nation are living as artists. This is a shocking number but makes sense. If people took a moment to think about it, they would get the point. If they thought about the actors and pop stars that actually made it to make a living out of their passion they would realize the numbers are low. Yet communication degrees can lead someone in a career path anywhere from newscasting to a simple business job.  The wide array of job opportunities and skilled future is a good enough reason to respect communication majors.

Although many people believe that communications is not an art major, the factors that put communications together prove that it is a performing art. Also, its benefits of future knowledge show how important communications is in everyday life.

Finally, when passing by communications majors or having a conversation with one of them respect the work they do and the advancements they will make in the world, because there is art in communications.