‘Through Our Lens’ film festival teaches students marketing skills


Photo by Ashley Kulberg

Through the cheers of the audience, Shannon Owens, communications teacher, races to accept a surprise gift from her students. The film festival was an overwhelming success, with over 300 future students, parents, and staff attending it.

Marketing students put the techniques they learned in class to use at “Through Our Lens”, Bak’s first annual film festival.

“The film festival taught us how to carry out an entire event successfully,” Katherine Oung, eighth grade communications major said. “We were in charge of everything, from decorations to promotions, so it was really an all-around experience in marketing.”

During the film festival, students got to watch films of communication majors of all grade levels. Many of their own films were featured. The audience voted for their favorite films in each category.

“My favorite part of the film festival was being able to watch the audience react to my music video,” Manasi Patel, eighth grade communications major said. “and seeing that they understood the message that my partner and I tried to visually express.”

Each semester, the marketing class took on a project to give them experience in the field. Usually they sold a product, but the second semester class chose to take on an event instead.

“We wanted to do a film festival because a lot of our student films don’t get shown in the showcase,” Oung said. “We came up with the idea of ‘Through Our Lens’ during a brainstorming session in seventh period.”

The main lesson the students learned from the film festival was the work required to produce an event that often went unnoticed.

“When you work as a team, you can do anything,” Ava Marano, eighth grade communications major said. “Everything you set your mind to is definitely possible wi­th all of the talented people around you.”