Communications majors explore various fields of art area


Photo by Sylvia Ng

Chris Bedecs, seventh grade communications major rehearses his lines for the Communications Showcase, which kicked off May 10, while electronic news gathering students set up their equipment to gather shots.

Aside from mastering the basics such as creative writing, video production and speech and debate, communications students have been affected by the art throughout their years in a variety of different ways.

“Communications has affected me by teaching me how to be myself while doing the work I love and by boosting my self – confidence,” Michael Pincus, eighth grade communications major, said.

Throughout their three years at Bak, students were able to explore the different aspects of the field of communications through required classes. These classes taught them how to tell a story in a variety of different ways, whether it be through speech, video, writing, or graphics.

“These classes help us as students to learn about deadlines and how to meet them and how to work individually or in groups to complete our best work,” Leila Glowka, eighth grade communications major, said. “They teach us how to put our own words or ideas into a piece of our own work.”

Deadlines, according to various students, were amongst some of the hardest obstacles.

“Advice I would give to future students is to definitely stay on schedule and do not procrastinate because deadlines will sneak up on

you,” Emma Wolnewitz, eighth grade communications major, said.

Despite the fact that there are harder obstacles that communications majors face, they have guidance and support with them through every step of the way.

“When I first came to Bak I was very timid and scared. I didn’t know what to expect,” Josh Kenny, eighth grade communications major, said. “Now I am really happy because the communications department is like a family and we are always there for each other. The teachers provide us with guidance in everything we do.”