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Bak ranked first in county


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For the school year of 2016-2017, Bak ranked first in the county based on standardized assessment results.

“Bak is different from other schools because we are a full choice arts school. There are many factors that contribute to academic success [such as] dedication, motivation to succeed, effective instruction, parental support, a safe and secure learning environment and a strong foundation in skills and knowledge,” Sally Rozanski, principal, said.

Many teachers and administrators such as Lynn Vaughan, math teacher, believed that “the work ethic that students use in their major class transfers to their academic classes.”

“The arts is key to the success of our students. As a former arts teacher and a product of this same environment, I can attest that the arts teaches you so many life skills that are a recipe for success,” Ronda Smith, assistant principal, said. “Mastery of one’s art becomes a way of life and applies to every task, job and problem you encounter. Our kids are not only smart they are creative which is what makes them so unique and successful.”

All Bak students received a three or higher on the Algebra I and Geometry End of Course Exam (EOC), with the majority scoring a five. Ninety seven percent of students scored a three or higher in civics, 95 percent in language arts, 93 percent in math, and 92 percent in science.

“I felt very accomplished when I found out Bak got the top scores in the county,” Sophia Burnston, seventh grade vocal major, said. “I know my grade was part of those scores, which made me feel extremely proud.”

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Bak ranked first in county