New communication equipment big boost for department

A new year, a new crew, and a new set. The communications department had just received new equipment thanks to the care package fund raiser and the MSOA foundation.

“[Some new equipment we got was] three new camera setups, dollies, tripods, handles, a digitizing mixer console and a professional tricaster,” Shannon Owens, communications teacher, said.

In total there will be 32 pieces of new equipment. This new equipment will be used for TV students, Student Government Association (SGA), Bak tours, and video announcements.

“[This equipment allows for] High definition, virtual set to look better, better graphics, keys, lighting, visuals, shots, and more advanced functions,” Owens said.

One reason that Owens bought new equipment was some of the features from the old set had stopped working or had broken.

“To prevent the new equipment from breaking, I will make sure students know how to use it correctly. Also, I will give them ownership to the equipment, so they are careful around it,” Owens said.

The old equipment was outdated about 20 plus years. Owens bought new equipment to “make sure the students were learning all the new equipment that they use in the field.” She said that it taught students relative equipment that could help them with future programs and internships in broadcasting.

“I did not like how the old equipment was funky and hard to maneuver,” Yasmin Ali, eighth grade communications major, said.

With the transition between the two different sets, students had to learn how to use each piece correctly.

“I’m excited to be using this new equipment,” Backus said. “It is a ­­­­­­­­­huge improvement from the old set.”