Students benefit from Chess Club

The player thought intently on their next move, hesitant of whether it could risk their chance of winning. Chess gained popularity and Bak did something about it.

“Chess Club is my favorite thing about school so far because it’s a quiet and nice diversion that gets you away from the cafeteria,” Star Lomonaco, sixth grade theater major, said.

Chess Club met every Wednesday in the media center during all lunches. Students were allowed to eat their lunch and enjoy chess while bonding with friends.

“It’s a great strategy game. I love being able to practice it at chess club while getting to play and get to know my friends a little better,” Rohith Karthik, seventh grade communications major, said.

According to, chess helped promote brain growth, exercises both sides of the brain, raises IQ, sparked creativity, and increased problem solving skills.

“I can relate to chess in real life with problem solving. Whenever there’s a problem at school, I have to figure out how to maneuver my way around it,” Karthik said.

Chess involved elaborate thinking, and students focused on the strategy and puzzling aspect of chess while playing in the Chess Club.

“Sometimes you feel like you can beat somebody with your strategy, but other times, it changes the whole game around,” Reagan Lopez, sixth grade theatre major, said.

Any student can join the Chess Club, bringing a positive attitude and an eagerness to play chess.

Karthik said, “For anybody that plays chess, or doesn’t know how to, chess club is a great way to start learning.”