Boys’ baseball starts up season


Snehith Enjem

Luca Oberndorfer, pitcher, bats the ball against the opponent Independence’s pitcher. The Bak Stars lost the game on Sept. 28 scoring late in the game to make the score 1-6.


The boys’ baseball team started off their season with a 1-2 record. They lost against longtime rival Jupiter, destroyed Conservatory, and were surpassed by Independence.

“I think we need to work on playing together as one team and we also have to work on catching the fly balls better,” Ryan Schlosbon, centerfielder, said.

The baseball season started off late but they still played their first home game against Jupiter on Sept. 20, losing late in the game with the score of 7-4.

“They had a good defense and could hit it far and very well,” Ryan Schulman, shortstop, said.

The team had the lead for half of the game outscoring Jupiter by three points for some time.

“Some highlights were when we jumped out the gate and had three runs against zero runs. Another was when Luca came onto the mound to start pitching at the opponent,” Gary Williams, coach, said.

But then, Jupiter started hitting the ball hard and getting the Star’s players out. The opponent started coming back from their deficit and eventually took the lead.

“We were the first to score any runs but, in the fifth inning, our team started to let the opponent, Jupiter, score more runs than us,” Schulman said.

But the Stars learned from this loss on what to practice, what to do, and how to play in all different types of scenarios.

“We need to work on outscoring any of our opponents strategically when we are behind,” Williams said.

One thing the Stars felt proud of was their strong pitching and batting the ball.

Schlosbon said, “When Evan was pitching, he kept the defensive half of the innings short and fast and our batting was pretty good.”

Williams said they needed to work on improving their defense and cutting off the opponent’s runs.

“I think we can improve on where to throw the ball in certain situations, fielding the ball, and hitting,” Schulman said.

Stars played Conservatory on Sept. 25, hammering them 11-5. On Sept. 28, they were beat by Independence 1-6.

“Jupiter was a strong opponent,” Schlosbon said. “but with a better defense, we can definitely beat them.”