Bak student wins national title


Photo by guest

Eighth grade dance major, Courtney Pirozzi, performs a solo titled “Disintigrate” choreographed by Mark Galvan. Pirozzi also took dance classes with different teachers while in Orlando for the competition.

The spotlight was on. Judges watched, as dancers performed their pieces to earn the national title. It was soon announced that Courtney Pirrozi was the 2017 Junior Ms. National honored dancer.

“This achievement is different from my previous dance achievements because with this achievement, I get to tour with Adrenaline and Revive dance conventions and assist in ballet, jazz, tap, ballroom, hip hop, musical theater,  and lyrical dance classes,” Courtney Pirrozi, eighth grade dance major, said. “I have the opportunity to tour Las Vegas, St Louis, Orlando, Indianapolis, New Jersey, Detroit, and Charleston.”

Pirrozi attended Nationals in Orlando, Florida on July 16, 2017. At Nationals, she performed a solo, took classes, and was interviewed.

“I enjoyed the whole experience because I loved meeting new people and taking classes from all the different teachers,” Pirrozi said.

Pirozzi has been dancing for 10 years. She dances at Precision Dance Conservatory 15 hours a week, and also dances at Bak.

“We are so very proud that Courtney won Junior Ms. National honored dancer, but we weren’t    surprised because we know our students are fantastic,” Hollond Shiller, dance teacher at Bak, said. “To help students prepare for dance competitions, we set choreography then guide them through corrections and teach them how to present a performance that helps them shine above the rest.”

Pirrozi has been described by her dance teachers and peers as someone with a “strong work ethic and a positive attitude no matter what.”

“As a dance teacher, I help Courtney reach her dance goals by always encouraging her to do her best,” Shiller said.

Junior Ms. National honored dancer was the first national title Pirrozi has won. She has set more goals for herself to achieve in the future.

“I would like to become more flexible and hopefully dance in a company one day,” Pirrozi said.

She will start touring Las Vegas on Nov. 3, and then continue on to several other states. She will also attend two other national competitions after she is done touring. One will be held in Orlando, Florida, and the other in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“This opportunity is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will allow me to grow as a dancer and work with so many amazing choreographers,” Pirrozi said. “I will be able to dance with many dancers from around the United States and get to travel to places I have never been. I am super excited for this adventure to start.”