Fall brings on pumpkin flavor craze

It was October which meant pumpkin fever was officially in the air. There was no evading the array of pumpkin products that entered stores. Pumpkin flavored milk, butter, pretzels, potato chips, cereal, chocolate, yogurt, and coffee just to name a few.
“I look forward to pumpkin season all year as I love the flavor profile of the pumpkin.  The color, aroma, and appearance of pumpkins always brings joy to my family and myself,” Michelle DeSilva, sixth grade social studies teacher, said.
One can trace the pumpkin craze back to 2003 when Starbucks unveiled their new fall flavor – the Pumpkin Spice Latte. They initially were trying to invent a seasonal flavor that could rival their already successful peppermint mocha and eggnog latte drinks. At the time, pumpkin spice flavored coffee drinks were nonexistent. The popularity caused a national rollout of the flavor, which hit all American Starbucks stores on Oct. 10 of the following year. According to the Starbucks Newsroom, the PSL has become an icon, symbolizing the arrival of the fall season for Starbucks customers in more than 50 countries around the world.
DeSilva said, “My favorite thing about pumpkin season is the many dishes, drinks, and products that are prepared during this season.”
The success of the pumpkin spice flavored coffee and other products was undeniable. It seemed to be a favorite of students and faculty alike.
DeSilva said, “I have so many favorite pumpkin items but I would probably say my most favorite is pumpkin spiced coffee. I love coffee and adding that delicious spice to it makes it even more amazing.”