Moe’s proves to serve best taco


Luke Cristantiello

Moe’s Taco

When I think of Mexican food, I think of chips, guacamole, and a spicy taco. I learned that not all tacos were created equal while I was on the hunt for the best taco in Palm Beach.

My first stop was Burrito Brothers. When I walked in, the employee greeted me. The taco was at the counter before I knew it and it cost just over $3. However, the restaurant was not clean, but the taco was delicious. The meat was tender and the toppings were just right. I rate Burrito Brothers four out of five stars.

The second place I visited was Tijuana Flats. The restaurant was pristine, but I was not greeted. The taco took longer to come out, and was more expensive at just over $5. The meat was chewy and the other toppings were mediocre. I rate Tijuana Flats two out of five stars.

I continued my search with a stop at Taco Bell.  For just $2, I received a delicious taco and speedy service.  The restaurant was clean, but the employee had a bad attitude. I rate Taco Bell three out of five stars.

The final restaurant I went to was Moe’s. When I entered, I was greeted with their famous line, “Welcome to Moe’s.” The restaurant was clean and the taco came out quickly. For just over $4, I received a cookie, chips and a drink in addition to my taco. The meat was delicious and so were the toppings. I rate Moe’s five out of five stars.

Overall, Moe’s was a clear winner. It had quick and friendly service, a wonderful taco experience, and an outstanding price.