Amazon gets its first waterproof Kindle

After almost a decade of Kindles, Amazon released its first waterproof version, the new Kindle Oasis, an updated version of the old one from last year.
The new waterproof e-reader will start at $250 in price for an 8GB model, a double of what the company’s popular Kindle Paperwhite costs, according to It also received the waterproof rating of IPX8, meaning the e-reader lasted up to 60 minutes in fresh water according to
The new version of the Oasis had a seven-inch 300 dots-per-inch (dpi) screen which was on inch larger than the previous non-waterproof Oasis. According to, the new
e-reader featured the app Audible built into the device. However, audio must be heard through Bluetooth devices like headphones and speakers since the device featured no speakers or headphone jacks.
Toward the end of October, the new e-reader began to be shipped to customers who pre-ordered the device.
According to, the battery life of the new e-reader lasted weeks.  Also, the new Oasis no longer had the cover that served as the old Oasis’ backup battery.
The Kindle Oasis will also have a 32GB version starting at around $280, and a similar version but with a cellular connection which will start around $350, according to
Although the Oasis is not the first waterproof Kindle, it is the first for Amazon. The device now added to the family of four kindles in Amazon’s lineup. The devices include the original Kindle for $80, the Kindle Paperwhite for $120, the Kindle Voyage for $200, and now the waterproof Kindle Oasis.