Step Team looks forward to successful year

Hands clapped and feet stomped to the beat of the music that filled the air. The excitement was undeniable as the Bak Star Steppers entered the room.

“Step Team is a way to enjoy yourself with others, let loose, and have fun,” Kylah Parson, seventh grade theater major said.

Shakendra Moorer’s afterschool club taught students the art of stepping.

“I decided to create the Step Team at Bak. I used to step in my sorority, and I wanted to continue it here,” Moorer said.

The Step Team was comprised of 24 members, 18 of them beginners, all who practiced and performed as a team.

“The team choreographs most of our own rhythms,” Parson said. “Ms. Moorer helps us out if we need it, and edits our routines and chants as well.”

In a team that emphasized family as much as competitions, everyone had a chance to “fit in with the other girls,”   Taylor Lavine, seventh grade vocal major said.

“We build tight bonds as a team. We have to have bonds onstage. It makes all the difference when we are performing,” Moorer said.

Members welcomed all students to be a part of the team.

“My advice is to join and do step,” Lavine said. “It is not as hard as it looks. I guarantee anyone who tries out will have fun.”