Science Fair project brings many competitors

Bak’s annual Science Fair brought many competitors to display their ideas for the blue ribbon. In order to win the ribbon, however, certain requirements are needed.

“A strong math analysis is important to fully understand the data you collect, and a good hypothesis is quantifiable and testable,” Serena Zhou, eighth grade communications major, said.

Science teacher Rhonda Steinmetz said the Science Fair had many benefits for students who competed, and could help students and viewers learn more about the topics presented. The science fair not only has benefits, but competing gives people a feeling of accomplishment when presenting at that level.

“The benefits are that it gives you a good feeling of confidence when you get a chance to talk about your project, and the experience of sharing information with your peers and adults. That is valuable and important,” Rhonda Steinmetz, eighth grade science teacher and head of the science fair, said.

For Zhou, preparing was a challenge. Some people spent over two months collecting data, and days putting together their poster boards

“Make sure you spend a lot of time on research and be organized and do not procrastinate,” Tyler Backus, eighth grade communications major, said.

A project was not just a poster board full of flashcards and pictures. There were specific components to creating a great project.

“ [Good components] are good math analysis of your data, understanding how to know if your data is significant,” Steinmetz said.

A project consisted of a hypothesis, explanation, evidence, and conclusion. There were many topics from seeing what makes ice cubes melt, to a research project on cures for cancer.

“My project is how emotions in music affect a survey,” Zhou said.

The results of the county fair will come out in the beginning of next year.