Kindness Club benefits students as they learn to be nicer

Bak welcomed a new club dedicated to helping students and their surroundings. It was started in order to promote being nicer and was made for students to feel welcomed.

“I wanted to start this club because I thought it would be a great way to make a positive difference at our school,” Bendfelt said.

The Kindness Club was a place where everyone could feel free to talk about anything they want.

“I feel safe in this club. It is safe here because everyone is kind. That makes it a safer environment,” Brandon Bryant, seventh grade theater major, said.

This club had just started, but the impact was already noticeable. Students had started to spread their kindness to the staff and students around them.

“A teacher shared with me that someone held a door open for her and said it was for the Kindness Club,” Bendfelt said. “It is the type of small action that we do in our everyday lives that can make a difference.”

Every week, the club has a different theme which related to the month or the days in the week.

“For Unity Day, we talked about bullying. For November, we will be talking gratitude and writing thank you cards or letters to different people we are grateful for,” Bendfelt said.

The Kindness Club met every Wednesday at lunch and it is sponsored by Summer Bendfelt, guidance counselor, Amanda Gordon, language arts teacher, and Jaimee Stamile, science teacher.