Green team keeps school clean


Ben Shainman

William Dhana, eighth grade visual major, collects the plastic outside of Laine Golden’s room. During Green Team, students collected the paper and recycling throughout the whole school. Dhana said, “If we don’t collect the paper and recycling, the cans would be overflowing.”

The rumbling echoed through the hallway, as students picked up the recycling bins dumping them in the can. These students had one goal, keeping the school green.

“I joined Green Team to get community service hours while helping save the earth,” William Dhana, eighth grade visual major, said.

The club meets Thursdays after school in the media center. The club has been part of the school for a long time, media specialist assistant, Tamara Bejarano being the latest to run the club.

“The Green Team torch was passed to me and I was passionate about recycling,” Bejarano said.

Club members went around school and collected the paper and recycling. After it had all been collected, they brought it out back to the dumpster and emptied it out.

“My favorite is hanging out with my friends, they make it fun,” Kireina Kates, eighth grade band major, said.

Last year, the Green Team had won an award for being a “green school”. They judged the school on its cleanliness.

“We won the award by being a green school,” Bejarano said. “It felt awesome to win the award.”

This year, clubs efforts in being a “green school” were collecting the paper and recycling across the whole school and starting up the garden.

“We make sure the recycling is separate from the trash so it can be reused in the future,” Kates said.

As the day came to a close, the Green Team had done its job.

“My favorite part is the fun, the kids and the laughter,” Bejarano said. “It’s cool to see kids passionate about keeping the earth green.”