Fall Thriller brings fears to life


Kate Wagner

Caught in the fun of the Fall Thriller, students play games and various other activities in the gym. Mia Cheng and Nicole Kontos, sixth grade visual majors, pose for a photo in front of a Fall Thriller backdrop.

Screams of terror echoed all across campus as students participated in a night of thrills. The Fall Thriller took place on Oct. 27, and left students with unforgettable memories.

“The Fall Thriller was an amazing experience and it was fun because you are with your friends. It was one of the best nights of my life,” Corinne Mcerlain, sixth grade communications major, said.

The Visual Arts department put together the Fall Thriller as a fundraiser, including the haunted house, with the theme as “Face Your Fears”. It involved various rooms that had students’ fears, including clowns, dolls, and the dark.

“I think what makes this haunted house a little bit different is that we are playing around with the psychology in people’s minds that tricks them into being more frightened than they actually are and we get good results out of that,” Glen Barefoot, visual arts teacher, said.

If students did not want to face their fears in the haunted house, they could participate in games that were set up in the gym with candy given out as prizes. There was also a DJ playing music in the courtyard where students could dance along.

“I enjoyed that I got to help out in the haunted house before everyone got to see it, but I also loved the fact I got to dance on the stage with all my friends,” Sienna Mick, seventh grade visual major, said.

There was also a costume contest where administrators picked out the best student costumes. Ephram Jacob, sixth grade theater major, dressed up as the Mad Hatter and won best overall costume.

“I loved getting to dress up, eat the food, and have an amazing time. There’s nothing really like the Fall Thriller at any other school,” Mcerlain said. “That’s why I’m so proud to be able to go to Bak and be apart of this event.”