SGA teaches students leadership, responsibility

Spirit week, pep rallies, and everything in-between does not just happen, the student government association has the job of leading the school, and putting on several student events.

“The purpose is really to give students the chance to get involved in their community, and in their school. Hopefully they will get intrigued and go on to do things in the larger community,” Sharon Campbell, social studies teacher, said.

SGA was a student led club where the coordinators were there to support and supervise. The president of SGA is not only the leader of the club but the leader of the student body.

“I wanted to become president, because there were a lot of things that I could change, as in spirit weeks could be different. There could be more interaction with students,” Emma Cruz, SGA president, said.

Students have learned skills to help shape their future and become better leaders in school and in life through SGA, Campbell said.

“There is not just one skill that they learn, but I think what we want to do is to inspire them to continue to go out and be a part of their community whatever field they end up in. They do not have to be in government to be a part of service to others,” Campbell said.

SGA members have gotten the opportunity to be a part of government, through different civic positions.

“We have treasurer and they are supposed to take care of the money,” Debra Fiore, social studies teacher, said. “President is very important, they are kind of our liaison between PTO, and the administrators, and go back and forth to find out if we can do certain things and how we can help out with the school.”

Students learned to become active members of their community and how to lead and help others, by participating in SGA, according to Olivia Arnold, eighth grade senator.

“I would encourage students to join SGA. It is honestly a family it is a community that I love to be a part of,” Arnold said. “I love the thrill of running, of the posters, of Election Day wondering if you got in. It is just a lot of fun to be a part of.”