Bak dancers perform in classic winter holiday show Nutcracker


Kate Wagner

Caught in the middle of their dance, Mario Mery, seventh grade dance major, and Raelin Flanigan, sixth grade dance major, pause to take a final pose. The Nutcracker was performed by Paris Ballet and Dance at Jupiter High School.

Leaping and twirling into the most wonderful time of year, Bak dancers performed the “Nutcracker” at Jupiter High School on the weekend of Dec. 9.

“All of the dancers from Bak who participated in the Nutcracker are highly skilled at dancing and are amazing performers on stage,” Jean-Hugues Feray, director of Paris Ballet and Dance, said.

Many Bak dancers participated in the “Nutcracker” outside of school at the dance studio, Paris Ballet and Dance. Some Bak dancers had leading roles in the “Nutcracker”.

“I had a solo part as the Sugar Plum Fairy, and it is kind of intimidating to have such a big role because everyone is counting on you to do well,” Clare Keavy, seventh grade dance major, said.

Not only dancing, but also theatrical elements were involved in the production of the “Nutcracker”, which helped dancers’ overall performance, especially Bak dancers who may consider dancing as a career.

“We have to really use our head, despite what the audience thinks. Stage presence is a lot different from the studio because there is an audience, but all this preparation for the show will really help in the long run,” Olivia Alintoff, seventh grade dance major, said.

Participating in the “Nutcracker” took big commitment when it got close to the show, as rehearsals were everyday afterschool, and 10-12 hours on weekends.

“Going to rehearsals would make it kind of hard to finish homework,” Alintoff said. “I would have to stay up late to finish everything when I got home, but it was all worth in the end.”