Bak Student in hit show Newsies


Photo Courtesy of Jupiter Maltz Theater.

Blake McCall, sixth grade theater major, stands front and center in one of the scenes of Marcos Santana’s “The Newsies.” “My favorite thing is working with all of the runway actors,” McCall said.

The curtains drew at the Maltz Theater and Jack and Crutchy sung for their opening scene in “The Newsies.”

“I get nervous before every show because it’s a different audience every time and sometimes it’s nerve-wrecking when you know you have friends in the audience,” Blake McCall, sixth grade theater major and actor in “The Newsies,” said.

McCall was chosen to play a major role in the production of “The Newsies.”  “The Newsies” is a fictional perspective of the 1899 strike of the news boys, in which they protested about the raise in the cost for papers.

“In the audition, I had to bring my own song, do a dance, and do two scenes,” McCall said.

McCall got the part of a kid named Les, who makes many appearances during the show.

“He’s a nine-year-old kid that hangs out with all the older kids and acts like he’s old. He is Davy’s little brother,” McCall said.

Marcos Santana, “The Newsies” director, also directed another show called “In the Heights,” and was nominated for a Tony Award for choreography in the shows “Rocky,” and “On Your Feet.” Following in the footsteps of Santana, McCall started his career early and has played in other shows, such as Kids Stew on PBS kids.

“When I was five, my mom signed me up for camp, and I loved it so much so that I started taking classes because I realized I could do this for a living,” McCall said.

Since McCall was a theater major, what he had learned helped him when he was performing in the play.

“My major helps me because I think I appreciate the costume designer and the set designer more than if I did not take Mr. Steadman’s class,” McCall said.

McCall said his advice to kids who are trying to act was for them to believe in themselves and to not be something they were not.