Communications Mix and Mingle allows students to show their parents what they know


Annabella Saccaro

Nicole Webb, sixth grade communications major, shows her mom what she learns with Photoshop. Webb explained her projects to her mom and the different tools used in the program.

Students proudly showed their parents what they worked on in their communications classes. Parents watched as students demonstrated how to use Photoshop or deliver an impromptu speech.

“My parents thought that what I did was professional and they were impressed,” Mariana Colom, sixth grade communications major, said.

The sixth grade communications Mix and Mingle was on Nov. 11 and took place in all the communications classes. Students showed what they learned and the projects they did in their classes.

“I showed my parents my radio project and what I had so far in my project for Mrs. Owens’ class,” Josef Fiala, sixth grade communications major, said.

After seeing what their parents thought, some students decided to work even harder to impress them.

“I felt like my parents enjoyed it. I was inspired to do more because my parents were proud,” Arik Karim, sixth grade communications major, said.

In the end, students found that what they were learning at Bak would soon be useful in the future.

“Communications helps me in several ways,” Karim said. “It helped me interact and work with new people.”