Students take hobbies to the next level


Photo courtesy of guest

Mason Maggio, seventh grade visual arts major, poses with trophy after winning first place at a car race. Maggio won his first competition at Atlanta Motor Speedway where many professional racers practiced and competed.

From soccer to singing, students at Bak have all different kinds of talents and hobbies, but some people had unique hobbies that helped add to their lifestyle.

“I like my hobby because it is something a little different; it really takes me away from all the stress that I have from school,” Mason Maggio, seventh grade visual arts major, said.

Maggio, raced cars professionally. Maggio said, he went to different states to race to get a change from his everyday major.

“I stick with my hobby because it is a very interesting hobby. You are going to all these different places, that you never knew you could go to,” Maggio said. “It is just a change from all these traditional sports everyone does. One day I hope to make it to National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) and win a couple championships.”

Maggio got into his hobby at a young age and wanted to continue to stick with it for as long as possible.

“I do not really find anything else interesting. My parents always say why do you always eat, breath, sleep racing, because I love it. It is my passion,” Maggio said.

Hobbies are a common past time, but people with unique hobbies found it enjoyable because it was so different.

Yasmine Gay, sixth grade theater major, said, “Not many people have this hobby so it is really unique and I thought that it adds something to me that nobody else has.”

Gay ties shoe laces together. She had been working on this hobby adding a few knots each day to make a really long rope.

“When I was in fifth grade, I started getting stressed a lot because of math,” Gay said. “I had two shoe laces and I just started tying them to make a huge knot and I found it really calming.”

Many people, like Maggio could not imagine their life had they not began doing their hobby. Hobbies changed people’s lives and created impacts.

Willow Hackett, eighth grade communications major, said, “If I had not joined I would never had gone to many places, and I would never have met some of my closest friends through dance.”

Hackett participated in Irish dancing. She started in elementary school and had been working on perfecting her skills.

“I was about six and the only thing I could watch was ‘River Dance’ which is the onstage version of Irish dancing and I really liked how they moved their feet,” Hackett said. “Irish dancing is powerful and you use your whole body so I was really interested in doing it.

From shoe knots to Irish dancing, hobbies have a different effect on everyone and can be simple or complex, but changes everyone’s lives.

Maggio said, “Follow your dreams, and go make an impact on the world. Even though you do not think you can, you can, and it all starts with a new hobby.”