Builder’s Club builds leadership, community


Samantha White

Jaimee Stamile, ESE teacher, and Raveena Cherry, sixth grade strings major, volunteer with the Builder’s Club and Urban Youth Impact. The Builder’s Club paired with NJHS at a Christmas shop where kids got to participate in winter activities and parents got to shop for inexpensive Christmas gifts.

Samantha White, Arts and Academics Editor

Builder’s Club builds leadership, community

The Builder’s Club, a volunteer group run by Jaimee Stamile, ESE teacher, and Douglas Battle, social studies teacher, worked to grow students’ leadership skills as well as help out around the community.

“[The Builder’s Club] is really for us to give back to the community. Many people might not know some of the real problems of society, and by doing different projects we can expose the kids to what is going on and how they can help,” Battle said.

The Builder’s Club was a stepping stone to NJHS, where anyone could join to help with community service.

“Mr. Battle and I were co-sponsors of NJHS. We recognized that there were a lot more than just the eighth graders that wanted to volunteer,” Stamile said. “We wanted a club that was for everybody.”

Builder’s Club offered a variety of community service events such as, the Urban Youth Christmas, Battle said.

“Before I joined, I did orchestra and got hours from that. I would use that for community service,” Raveena Cherry, sixth grade strings major, said. “But now that I went to the Builder’s Club I get to experience all kinds of things, like the beach cleanup and Turtleween.”

The name Builder’s Club means building kids’ future, leadership skills, and the community, Stamile said.

“I wish that people were not afraid to just give it a try,” Stamile said. “It is not meant to make life harder; it is there to make everyone’s lives easier.”