Wonder movie teaches kindness above all else



“Wonder” (Lionsgate)

When choosing between what is right, and what is kind, choose kind. In the movie “Wonder,” these words showed the heart of the movie of one little boy with a facial difference.

Based on the book by R.J. Pallacio, the movie “Wonder” followed the life of August Pullman (Jacob Tremblay), in his first year of school. Julian Albans (Bryce Gheisar) tries to turn the school against August. August instead makes new friends, Jack Will (Noah Jupe), and Summer (Millie Davis).   The story line of the movie related to the book almost perfectly. The cast was well chosen. For example, Jacob Tremblay convinced the audience he was in August’s horrible situation at school with his words and tears. Overall, the actors played their parts well.

The makeup was amazing and realistic as Tremblay was transformed into August. The only downside to the movie was that it took away a key part to the book- the mystery of August’s face. By showing his face in the beginning of the movie, the reader’s version of August was replaced by the one on screen.

The best part of the movie was its message. August spread the message of accepting oneself and treating others with respect, no matter what one looks like.

All in all, the “Wonder” movie taught tolerance, acceptance, and kindness above all else. Though the book’s mystery of August’s appearance was disregarded, the acting made the movie worthwhile. For these reasons, I gave the “Wonder” movie four out of five stars.