Chile’s serves best chicken wings


Luke Cristantiello

Chili’s chicken wings

I went on the hunt for the best chicken wings in the area, visiting Chili’s, Duffy’s, Buffalo Wild Wings and Hurricane Grill.

First, I visited Hurricane Grill. When I walked in, I was not attended to by the waiters or the hostess and I had to seat myself. After a long time of waiting at the booth, my waitress finally came out. Without any greeting or smile, she immediately asked me what I wanted. The wings were $9.00 for five wings and took about 20 minutes to come out. When they arrived, the wing meat was tender and went well with the spicy buffalo sauce. I rate Hurricane Grill 3.5 stars due to bad service but good food.

The next place that I visited was Chili’s. Upon walking in, I noticed that it was clean and the hostess greeted me with a genuine smile.  Since the restaurant was busy, the hostess informed me on the wait time right away. When I got a table after the wait, my waitress came to me in no time with a great attitude that made it enjoyable to be there. After I ordered, the food came out surprisingly quick considering it was very busy there. The wings were $10.00 for the eight, which was a better deal compared to Hurricane Grill. The wings were delicious and had the perfect temperature. The sauce served was also superb. They were cooked well and won Chili’s a rating of 4.5 stars.

The third place that I went to eat was Buffalo Wild Wings. The restaurant was clean, however, the host was curt and lazy. Despite his shiftless appeal, he quickly found us a seat. After we were seated the waiter came to our table. He shared the same personality as the host but still got the job done. When we ordered, the wings took a little while to come out and were fairly inexpensive, having a price of about $7.00 for five wings.  After the wings were brought to our table, I tried one and they had an ok taste to them. The sauce was ok, but it was not very spicy. There was really was nothing special about the wings or the restaurant that would draw me in. The service and the foods quality gave Buffalo Wild Wings 3 stars.

The final place I went to was Duffy’s. The hostess greeted me cheerfully and found me a table despite the busy atmosphere. The restaurant was spotless and my waitress came out quickly.  I ordered and the wings had the least expensive price of $6.00 for five. After ordering, the food took more than 40 minutes to come. When the waitress came back, she had forgotten my order. Finally, she brought my food. The wings were delicious. They were spicy, tender, and hot.  I rate Duffy’s 4 stars because of good food but bad service.

All in all, Chili’s took the win for great wings and service. I will be returning to Chili’s and I recommend it for all.