Acting proves beneficial

Lights, camera, and action! They could feel the spot lights burning into their eyes, just like their passion for theater burning in their souls. This was a normal day for Kim Gerard, Broadway actor.

“I loved to act since I was a kid. It always was natural and a part of who I am,” Gerard, who played Grace from the Annie Broadway tour, said.

Gerard, 45, was a Broadway actor for a year and a half. She still has a love for singing, acting, and traveling. She left the station, but the sights were engraved in her memories.

“Acting changes people’s perspectives, and it makes them happy,” Jack Duncan, who played President Roosevelt on the Annie Broadway tour, said.

Acting on the go was a hard job, but it opened up so many opportunities.

“My favorite part of touring was getting to meet new people and getting to sing every night,” Duncan said.

Not only had touring offered so many opportunities, it also opened up a whole new world. A world where the sun always comes out tomorrow.

“I explored everywhere we went. I got to explore new cultures and the local areas,” Gerard said Gerard.


As Gerard and the whole cast traveled the United States, they became closer to each other and they formed an unbreakable bond.

“We use to torment whoever fell asleep on the bus. We use to draw on their faces and stick stuff in their hair. We were all just one big family,” Gerard said.

Acting with friends was beneficial for how they cooperated while performing. Acting with the ones she loved was a truly exhilarating experience.

“It’s a dream come true, when people get to experience acting, and the opportunity is amazing,” Matt Schreiber, former actor on Avenue Q and now stage manager for Something Rotten, said.

Gerard, Duncan, and Schreiber, all actors, had their goals fulfilled. Most people do not make it to Broadway. It took them a lot of time and hard work to become the stars they were meant to be.

“Practice, practice, practice! It takes a lot of work to perform. You just have to keep on going,” Gerard said.

Most people do it just for the money. But for these actors, they could not get enough of it. Nothing will ever beat the experience.

“I enjoy the work, for some jobs it’s just about the money, I’m doing what I love doing and I entertain people,” Schreiber said.

Lights off, exit stage right, and that’s a wrap. The theater continued to burn in their souls.