Numi smart toilet proves modern, radical



Hailing it as a figment of beauty and geometry that offers the ultimate flushing experience, Kohler Co. is preparing to hit the market with its latest toilet, a piece of minimalist design and high tech it calls the Numi. (Kohler/MCT)

Imagine a toilet with a touch-screen remote. Kohler toilets introduced a revolutionary smart toilet.

Kohler’s smart toilet, the Numi, has many different features, one being its touch-screen remote.

According to, the intuitive touch-screen remote can be mounted to the wall, and it works like a smartphone, allowing anyone to program and control their personal settings with a simple touch.

Another feature of the smart toilet, the cleansing functionality. This function is a refreshing alternative to toilet tissue alone. Along with the water cleansing, the Numi has a warm-air dryer. The warm-air dryer can be adjusted to customize your experience and assists in the drying process to help provide personal comfort and assurance.

To prevent an odor, the toilet has a deodorizing seat. A fan is activated after sitting down which pulls air from the toilet bowl through a carbon filter to remove odors.

The toilet also can automatically open and close. According to the, location sensors detects a presence and cause the toilet’s lid to rise, revealing the rectangular-on-the-outside, round-where-it-counts seat.

The Numi costs $6,338 and can be bought at places such as Wool Kitchen and Bath.

The Numi was a revolutionary design and according to the technology on the Numi was one of the most advanced toilets on the market.