Eighth grade quartet, piano majors performs at Kravis Center


Photo courtesy of Dr. Esti Gastessi

Eighth grade piano majors, Yanire Marte, Alice Chong, Sara Abdo, and Janise Tucker perform at the Kravis Center for the Ten Grands. They performed an eight hand piano piece as a quartet. “I feel wonderful, all the students at the piano department work really hard, so anyone choosen for any special performance I feel great about them because they really deserve it,” Estibaliz Gastesi Latorre said.

Four girls from Bak had a chance to perform Feb. 18 at the Kravis Center. They were a part of the Ten Grands performance.

“Backstage it was very nerve-wracking for us. But, when we were just about to go on, we were confident,” Alice Chong, eighth grade piano major, said.

Chong, along with eighth grade piano majors Yanire Marte, Janise Tucker, and Sara Abdo, represented Bak together during the performance that night. Estibaliz Gastesi Latorre, ­­­­­­­­piano teacher, said the four girls was the only group from Palm Beach County performing. Some other performers were Kathi Kretzer, Dr. Robin Arrigo, and Ruo Balka.

“I wanted to get the experience of performing in front of hundreds of people,” Chong said.

Gastesi said they had been asked to submit audition videos, showing many groups including the quartet. In the end, Kravis chose the eight-hand piano piece the four girls played.

“I decided to send in the video to see what it would be like to be a concert pianist,” Marte said.

Marte and Chong found the performance enjoyable, Marte said it was “one of the greatest experiences of my life.”

“The experience was wonderful, and we also got compliments from the audience,” Gastesi said.

According to an email sent to Gastesi, an audience member enjoyed the girls’ performance. The audience member said their performance was played beautifully and they “demonstrated great poise and grace as they crossed the stage and seated themselves.”

“I was very honored to be able to participate,” Marte said, “I’m proud to be able to represent Bak in the Ten Grands.”