‘Stroke of Genius’ fundraiser event allows Bak MSOA students to showcase talents


Sophia Roberts

Morgan Riley, seventh grade dance major, pretends to hold a platter in a dance number at the Stroke of Genius event. Dance showcased their talent by performing a “diner-themed” routine.

“Stroke of Genius,” an event held to support to MSOA Foundation, was held at Ragtops Motor Cars in West Palm Beach on Feb. 16.

“The event was important because we were showcasing our art to show what the resources the MSOA Foundation provides and allows us to produce,” Erin Swabek, eighth grade vocal major, said.

The event included students from every major. There were numerous performances to demonstrate how donations to the foundation benefitted all of Bak’s programs.

“I performed my original oratory speech about how winning is creating losers in our society,” Annabella Saccaro, eighth grade communications major, said. “It was an honor to represent my department at the event.”

The Girls Ensemble sang and danced to the song, “Hotta Chocolatta.”

“When I got on stage, I felt excited to share my art with the audience and to showcase what our class worked so hard on,” Swabek said. “The MSOA Foundation has provided money for the many things [vocal majors] need like sheet music and a choreographer for our dances.”

Along with performances from other art areas such as dance, strings, and theater, attendees were given the opportunity to watch and talk to visual arts students as they sketched the various cars shown at the event.

“I did a graphite drawing of a vintage car,” Emma Kaminski, eighth grade visual major, said. “I was proud to have to opportunity to display my artwork and other pieces I work very hard on.”

The MSOA Foundation event, “Stroke of Genius,” allowed students to showcase their skills and what the foundation has done for them and their department.

“What I liked most about the event,” Swabek said, “was that I could show people that their contributions from the foundation make a difference and allow me pursue my art every day and extend my abilities as a musician.”