Visual arts department hosts annual winter art showcase


Sandra Nemes

With a watchful eye, Ariana Sanchez, seventh grade visual major, admires her sculpture in the Winter Showcase. The Winter Showcase was held in the Koch Gallery and students and were invited to view the artwork. “We want to showcase our talent,” Sanchez said. “In a way, this is my performance.”

Visual majors displayed their art in the Winter Showcase, held in the Koch gallery.

“This event showcases the talents of all three grade levels in the art department, and what they have been doing in their classes,” Madison Zelner, seventh grade visual arts major, said.

There were various pieces of art showcased, all created by the visual students.

“Everything is displayed,” Glen Barefoot, visual arts teacher, said. “Sculptures, photography, sketches, and paintings.”

The gallery opened after winter break, and students’ friends and family were welcome to view the art soon after.

“We want parents and students who like and appreciate different types of art to see our work,” Zelner said.

Students also found joy in letting others view their work. Arianna Sanchez, seventh grade visual arts major, said she never got to display her art at a performance, and enjoyed she could display it now.

“As a director of this event, it is what I do. I get kids into the spotlight so they can feel recognition,” Barefoot said.

The event was organized by all of the visual arts teachers, who planned and helped the students with their art.

“We had it in the calendar and we all worked together, myself, Mr. Fallon, Ms. Chesler, Ms. Sherman, Ms. Steele, and Mr. Barker,” Barefoot said.

Overall, the Winter Gallery gave students a chance to showcase their work and talents to students, teachers, and parents.

“I believe we get to show improvement as the year goes on,” Sanchez said. “We can display our skills and improvement in our work. In this event, I hope to show who I am through my art.’’