Revolutionary microwave instantly chills food, drinks


For a long time, microwaves were used for mainly one purpose: quickly heating up things. But now, Frigondas microwaves can do the opposite and quickly cool things.

Frigondas was designed by engineers in Spain but was built in Korea. The companies name was a combination of the Spanish words “frigorífico” and “microondas” – refrigerator and microwave, according to

Blast chillers were favored in the kitchens of many common restaurants by chefs because they instantly cooled food without letting any liquids evaporate. But with a rapid cooler, evaporation was minimized, keeping the food’s flavor, shape and texture intact while staying fresh.

According to, more and more bacteria can form when things cool at room temperature. But rapid cooling potentially slowed and stopped the growth of bacteria, so the food can be cooked and stored under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

But with most blast chillers that were professional grade becoming more and more expensive, Frigondas created a machine that combined instant cooling and microwave technology for more people to get.

According to, the Frigondas could take food from room temperature t o negative four degrees Fahrenheit in about six minutes. The machine was able to do this with dual evaporators and blasting cold air with its unique fan design.

Usually, blast chillers took up a lot of space, especially for kitchens in homes. So the engineers combined it with a microwave to take up almost the same space as one, just about six inches deeper though.

Although there was not a confirmed price, experts believe it will be around $1,000. Either way, Frigondas was a revolutionary piece of equipment with many uses.