Betsy Ross uses passion to create American masterpiece

Betsy Ross sews the United States flag. According to, the flag took about one month to be sewn.

Betsy Ross, born Elizabeth Griscom, knew she had a passion for sewing. This led her to create the famous American flag.

According to, Ross was one of 17 children. Her parents were Rebecca and Samuel Griscom, both Quakers.

Ross met her future husband, John Ross, while apprenticing for an upholsterer. According to, John Ross was a Anglican, and Quakers were not allowed to marry anyone outside of their religion, however the couple married and started an upholstery business of their own.

In the beginning of the American Revolution, John Ross died due to a gunpowder explosion. Betsy Ross went on to marry twice more.

Ross was approached by George Washington, who told her he wanted her to create the nation’s flag. Honored, Ross accepted the offer.    Ross was not the one to come up with the flag’s design. According to, her daughter, Rachel Fletcher, stated that a rough draft was made and shown to Ross, however she found some design flaws. Ross changed the six pointed stars to five pointed ones, as well as other technical changes to the flag.

Ross may never have realized that her creation would become an international, recognizable emblem.