Why students should volunteer more

Volunteer work not only helps the community, but it benefits students who do so by giving them important skills that prepare them for the future and in the real world.

Volunteering is widely available- through organizations and at school. Students should take more advantage of these opportunities to gain invaluable work experience.

According to The New York Times, such services taught teenagers to look beyond themselves and understand the role that they can play in their community.  Volunteering helps students boost their awareness of social issues around them

Volunteering also helps students develop new skills. According to the Los Angeles Times, through volunteer efforts, students often discover hidden talents, find new interests and develop critical skills such as dependability, responsibility, following directions, and getting along with others. Additionally, it allows students to work with other people. This helps students to be more competent for the future, as according to the Independent, these skills that students develop through volunteering makes them ready for a real job.

Volunteering is a great experience for everyone, and more students need to try their hand at it.