Foreign Language classes provide benefits


Alexis Pham

Eighth graders Isabella Delgado, Sheevam Patel, and Michael Patton do their Mariachi Performance in their fourth period Spanish I class. Christina Donnelly was one of the foreign languages teachers who taught Spanish I and II.

Bak provided two foreign language classes, French and Spanish. However, not every student took these classes when they should.

Foreign languages classes taught students other languages such as French, Spanish, and Latin. Bak had Beginning French and Spanish, which were semester long classes. Then, French 1 and 2 and Spanish 1 and 2, which were yearlong classes.

At Bak, the classes were optional but should be required for all students just like an academic.

Taking a foreign language class improved memory of students. According to, people who learned a foreign language had to memorize rules and vocabulary of that language, which helped exercise and strengthen the mental “muscle” that is the brain.

Another benefit of taking a foreign language class was that they provided more job opportunities for students in the future. Being able to speak more than one language could increase chances of getting into jobs and/or college as employers and admissions officers preferred people who have that experience according to
According to, many jobs and professions everywhere required for them to have daily interaction with other companies or people around the world who speak another language. As a result, people who speak a foreign language had a higher chance at landing a job than those who didn’t.

Some may argue that taking it wastes time for a student and may never actually be used in the real world compared to a skill like math or reading. However, that was not necessarily the case.

Taking a foreign language may increase test scores for many tests including the SAT, ACT, and even normal math and English reading, according to These increased test scores from taking foreign languages tied in with the other benefit of better cognitive or memory skills.

Other than being able to speak in another language, foreign languages could provide many benefits to increase skills in life and academics.