Denny’s provides best pancakes in Palm Beach

Pancakes, a classic homemade breakfast that all enjoy. I stopped at four different breakfast places, IHOP, McDonald’s, Denny’s, and The Original Pancake House to see which served up the best pancakes in West Palm Beach.

I started my search at IHOP. I walked in and there was no one to greet me. After five minutes, a host finally brought me to my table and I ordered. It took a little under 10 minutes for my order to come out and the pancakes were hot. The pancakes were very soft, and they tasted the closest to pancakes homemade from scratch. I ordered three pancakes for the cost of $4.99. I rate IHOP three out of five stars for okay service and good pancakes.

I continued my adventure to a Boynton Beach McDonald’s, where I entered a dark, uninviting environment. I placed my order at the front and seated myself in a booth. The pancakes came out very quickly, in almost five minutes. These pancakes were the smallest but also the sweetest. The downside was that they came out cold, as though they had been taken out of the freezer and half warmed up. I got three pancakes for $3.09. For a horrible environment and okay pancakes, I rate McDonald’s two out of five stars.

Next I went to Denny’s. As soon as I walked in, I noticed the friendly and inviting atmosphere. Everyone was smiling, and I was seated within five minutes. There was a two-pancake option that left me with less pancakes, but these were the largest size compared to all of the other breakfast places. These had a very good consistency and a delicious taste. These were the cheapest pancakes, costing $2.00 total. I felt that this was a great deal considering the amazing pancakes. I rate Denny’s four and a half out of five stars.

I finally stopped at The Original Pancake House. When I walked in, I got seated pretty quickly, but once I got seated, it took 15 minutes for the waitress to come and ask for my order. The Original Pancake House had the most pancake options. The pancakes came out within 10 minutes, but were very bland, unsweet, and not at all appetizing. I got three pancakes for $4.69 total. I rate The Original Pancake House one out of five stars for slow service and terrible pancakes.

Because of great and friendly service, a wonderful atmosphere, and delicious pancakes, Denny’s proved to serve the best pancakes in Palm Beach.