‘Beat the Parents’ proves fun, but unequal, family game



“Beat the Parents”, a competitive family game, comes with the pack of card and instructions. Players would have to answer five questions right in order to win.

Parents versus kids; the ultimate battle. They competed head-to-head and whoever answered five questions right first, wins, leaving their opponents in an embarrassing defeat. The game was “Beat the Parents.”

“Beat the Parents” tested both the adults’ and the kids’ knowledge of random trivia. Questions included “Which rapper’s real name is Curtis Jackson?” or “What’s the name of the machine that helps Mickey Mouse?” The point of the game was to see who knew the trivia the best.

The cards cost $4.99 and the game was available at Target, Walmart, Toy-R-Us and other retailers, or online at shop.spinmaster.com. It included a pack of 49 question cards and was suggested for two or more players. The games was rated for players ages six and up.

The kids’ questions were very easy. It had seemed like the game was created to let the kids win. The grown-ups had much more difficult questions, which led to the game being unfair. The questions were easier for the kids because the questions needed to be age appropriate.

The game was fun to play with family and friends, but was biased. Because of this, I rate “Beat the Parents” four out of five stars.