Boys’ Basketball team hopes for successful season under new coach


Snehith Enjem

With the game on the line, Eli Farrell, forward, sets his feet and prepares to hit the game winning shot against Jupiter Middle. The Bak Stars later won that game because of this three pointer ending with a score of 31-29.

Bak’s boys’ basketball team’s coaching position has been handed off to a new teacher. Eighth grade science teacher Matthew Sallas hopes to change the direction of the team’s success with his new coaching style.

“I like how fast paced the game of basketball is. Playing, watching, and coaching basketball is very exciting for me,” Coach Sallas said.

For the past several years, the boys’ basketball team has struggled against tough opponents and finished the prior season with a disappointing record.

“The basketball team’s record last year was one win and nine losses, a losing record,” Isaiah Horton, guard, said.

Now that the torch of coaching the team was passed to Coach Sallas, he hopes to change the direction of the team’s success with his new coaching tactics.

“I feel like we have a chance this year to have a winning record and hopefully make the playoff in the season with the team’s  new coach and good players,” Alan Bencosme, center, said.

Coach Sallas is also an experienced sports coach, fortunately for the team. He has coached a variety of different sports at Bak.

“I have been coaching different sports here at Bak, including volleyball, for the last 10 years,” Coach Sallas said.

The Bak Stars held their basketball practice in the gym Monday through Thursday every week after school until 5:00. There, they practiced all the things that they had to improve on from previous challenges.

“After running laps and stretching, we warmup with passing and dribbling drills. Then we work on our shooting and different plays to run in the real game,” Horton said.

The basketball team has been preparing for the start of the season. Their first game is on Feb. 21, an away game at Duncan Middle.

“Our team needs to improve on communicating with each other and to get big on defense,” Bencosme said.

The final score of the game at Duncan was [ ]. They also played a home game on Feb. 23 finishing with a score of [ ].

“What makes our team strong,” Coach Sallas said, “is that everyone works very hard and we are hungry to win.”