High hopes for the Girls’ Basketball Season

After ending their last season with one win against Sumerset Canyon, the girls’ basketball team honed in on their skills to improve their game for the upcoming season.

“I hope we win more games than last year, grow as a team, improve our skills, and have fun,” Anika Kinnear, center and repeating player, said.

The team consisted 14 girls, 12 of them repeating players.

“[On the team again this year there are] six eighth graders, four seventh graders and two sixth graders,” Christine Gilbert, girls’ basketball coach, said.

Girls’ basketball prepared for their upcoming game on Feb. 21 against Independence Middle School using different strategies.

“We hope to use passing, dribbling, shooting, teamwork, and other techniques to our advantage in games,” Katherine McCabe, point guard and repeating player, said.

The team’­­s major opponent was Watson B. Duncan Middle School. After losing to them twice last year, with a score of 14-39 in an away game, and 16-42 in a home game, the girls were out to beat them.

“Our toughest competition this year will be Watson B. Duncan Middle because they won the championship last year and they are an overall good team to beat,” McCabe said.

The team worked hoped for a successful coming full of many wins.

Gilbert said, “[We] have lots of returning players, so the fact they have played together, know each other and like each other is a strength for the team.”