Spring break brings adventure, new experiences


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During spring break, whether it was staying locally or going out of state, families enjoyed spending time together on vacation.

“I made tons of new memories in Colorado. It sticks out as one of the best vacation spots because it was a lot of laughing and fun,” Madeline Shullman, seventh grade dance major, said.

Traveling provided students with experiences such as feeling “free and relaxed while gliding down the slopes with no worries” and seeing changes in scenery, Shullman said.

“The views were stunning. There were so many mountains and trees covered in snow and you just cannot see that in Florida,” Shullman said.

Students took vacations that were “fun and unique in its own way,” Sam Friedman, eighth grade visual major, said.

“When I was in New York, it felt special because I was born there, and most of my family used to live there,” Friedman said.

Some enjoyed going on adventures such as “zip lining and hiking” while also “spending time with family in our cabin in Georgia,” Emma Cruz, eighth grade dance major, said.

“It felt great to be able to spend time with my family because normally it is hard to get together,” Cruz said.

Families “became closer” and “shared new experiences,” Duaa Ali, seventh grade communications major, said.

“My favorite memory from my Disney trip was how we waited in a two hour line for a one minute ride. We shared the moment by laughing about how bad the wait was,” Ali said.

Ava Khalifa, sixth grade dance major, experienced a trip where she felt she made a difference.

“At the March For Our Lives in Washington, I was supporting students,” Khalifa said. “I loved this unforgettable trip because I could learn about the past and make changes for the future.”

Kim Cornell, eighth grade vocal major, said she learned new things every day on her Los Angeles trip.

“This is my all-time favorite vacation. I have been on amazing vacations in the past, but I did not learn anything because I was little,” Cornell said. “Now that I am older, I can learn from and remember the amazing journey.”

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