Allergy Amulet detects food allergies

Allergies are conditions that occur when the immune system reacts to foreign substances with negative or abnormal ways. The allergy amulet detected food allergens, allowing for people to be safe from allergic reactions.

According to, the Allergy Amulet was a small device that detects food allergens such as
nuts, milk, and eggs. The device was portable and could be treated as jewelry or be attached to a necklace.

In order for the device to detect the allergen or ingredient, users had to use single-use strips provided in packaging. They would insert one end of the strip into the food the person wanted to check for allergens. According to Xconomy, users would then place the strip into the portable device. In a minute or less, the device would show if the allergen is present in the food such as peanut particles in a dish.

Initially, the device was made to detect only peanut particles. The company of the same name planned to expand what the device can detect, hoping to find more common allergies other than peanuts, according to

Pre-orders for the Allergy Amulet began in 2017 for $100 to $250. According to, the disposable test strips for the gadget costed between $1 to $3. The company behind Allergy Amulet planned for a full commercial launch in 2018.