Speech, debate tournament shows off student’s skills


Carina Wang

After presenting her speech and being evaluated by judges, Mariana Colom, sixth grade communications major, receives her second place trophy. Students competed in BLANK events, which ranged from original oratory speech to congress debate. “I feel special to be part of the Bak team. We have this family bond where everyone supports each other, and it is a great experience,” Colom said.

Working for weeks, students prepared speeches and practiced their events for the speech and debate tournament held at Bak on March 14.

“After my speech is written, I practice,” Annabella Saccaro, eighth grade communications major, said. “I read over my speech and say each sentence multiple times until I know I have it down.”

Many students enjoyed competing because “it is a free place to say what is on my mind, and I enjoy the thrilling feeling and reward of competing for places,” Giada Robinson, sixth grade communications major, said.

Students competed with private and public schools around Palm Beach County and placed first through sixth place.

In Original Oratory, Saccaro placed first, Colom and Sophia Roud, eighth grade communications major, tied for second. In Declamation, Sofia Hennessy-Correa, sixth grade communications major, placed second. In House A Congress, Sheevam Patel, eighth grade communications major, placed second. In House B, Miles Wang, eighth grade communications major, placed second. In House C, Sasha DiMare, sixth grade communications major, placed second. In Impromptu, Sandra Nemes, seventh grade communications major, placed first.

“I feel proud to be a part of this team. You take away skills to use for the rest of your life,” Saccaro said. “It is truly a one of a kind experience that I would not trade anything for.”