Butterfly Garden helps beautify school


Ava Wherley

The Green Team and Student Government Association have plans to rebuild the Butterfly Garden, and will keep a plaque commemorating Paula Hough, who originally organized it in 2008. Lee Glaze, magnet coordinator, said, “Due to all the hurricanes that we had recently, a lot of the trees have been damaged and dried up so we eventually want to start by building up and keeping the memory of Mrs. Hough.”

Bak’s Green Team and Student Government Association’s (SGA) butterfly garden project would add greenery to the school and teach students about nature.

“The Butterfly Garden is a way to involve students in a civic project to give back to the school, but also a way to involve them in the beautification of our school,” Sharon Campbell, SGA co-sponsor said.

Each club would both contribute to the project differently, whether it was landscaping or helping to plan the garden.

“[The Green Team is] doing research to know what plants to get and see which butterflies are native to Florida. SGA is going to get benches to donate,” Tammy Bejarano, Green Team leader said.

Retired science teacher Paula Hough and her students originally organized it in 2008 and included a gazebo. Unfortunately it was being rebuilt due to hurricane and termite damage.

“[Hough] put a lot of effort in getting that Butterfly Garden here, and we just like to keep that going in memory of Mrs. Hough and to celebrate Arbor Day,” Lee Glaze, magnet coordinator said.

Students would participate in the project through donating plants and helping to build the garden.

“Any student that helps is going to be a huge impact because they are going to have the hands-on experience of building it and showing what they did,” Bejarano said. “Students that did not will get to see the Butterfly Garden, the plants, and butterflies realize they have a home now here at Bak.”