From Cline to Spielberg, ‘Ready Player One’ amazes audiences


James Walter

“Ready Player One” was written by Ernest Cline but adapted into film by Zac Penn with help by Cline.

Steven Spielberg has another masterpiece under his belt with the release of “Ready Player One.” Adapted from the award-winning book by Ernest Cline of the same name, the movie released on March 29 grossed $53 million on its opening weekend.

The movie mainly took place in the Oasis, a massive virtual reality game. The plot followed Wade Watts, or as he is known in the Oasis, Parzival (Tye Sheridan) and his hunt for the ultimate video game Easter egg. The first player to find the egg receives $500 billion and control of the Oasis. This is the same in both the movie and the book, but how Wade gets the egg is not.

In the book, the first challenge towards getting the egg is finding a temple, while in the movie it is a car race. The other two challenges are also different. While the movie plot was well done, it did not quite compare to the plot of the book.

One cool aspect of both the movie and the book is that it is based off of 80s music, movies, and most importantly, video games. This is because James Halliday (T.J. Miller), creator of the Easter egg, grew up in the 80s. The movie featured an 80s soundtrack and referenced movies like “The Shining,” and video games like “Adventure.”

Another great aspect of the movie was the fantastic animation for everything that happened in the Oasis, especially the avatars. Parzival’s and his friends’ avatars were stunning and incredibly realistic.

“Ready Player One” was a great movie, and while its plot did not quite compare to the book’s, its animation was stunning, earning the movie four and a half stars.