Panera serves up best grilled cheese in Palm Beach County

Throughout Palm Beach County, grilled cheese is sold at many restaurants. Four grilled cheese sandwiches were put to the test to see which one  had the best bread, cheese, and overall taste.

The grilled cheese from Lucille’s looked very appealing. However the same can not be said about the taste. The bread was crunchy and crumbled after every bite. The cheese was nicely melted and tasted great. Overall, this grilled cheese gets a three out of five stars.


The cheese inside the grilled cheese from Chili’s was dripping with every bite. Along with that, the bread was evenly cooked but a little too soft. Overall, this grilled cheese got a four out of five stars.


The bread on the grilled cheese from Duffys was very soft. The cheese, however, was hard and had not melted well. Overall, the sandwich received four out of five stars.


At Panera, the grilled cheese was made to perfection. The bread was grilled on a panini press, toasting it equally on all sides. The cheese did not drip too much, but was melted well. Overall, the grilled cheese from Panera deserved a 5 out of 5 stars.

Panera reigned supreme in the grilled cheese competition, winning five out of five stars.