Little acts have big impacts on environment


Isabella Velez

At the end of A lunch, Camila Manrique, eighth grade theater major, recycles her empty juice can. Recycling cans and bottles helped reduce the amount of waste in the world and around the school.


Going green – it is a saying that is becoming more and more commonplace in everyday life as people around the globe begin to understand the enormity of the impact we are making on the environment.

According to, every day new stories about global warming, acid rain, oil spills, deforestation, or nuclear waste come to light. As such, going green is the wisest course of action. Going green could also be said as being environmentally (eco) friendly. There are several ways to be “green”, ranging from internationally to locally.

Students have the power to help, starting in their everyday lives. Some ways students can help is by eliminating plastic waste from their lunches, stopping littering, and unplugging electronics whenever possible.

When packing school lunch, there are several ways to help reduce the environmental impact. According to, one could limit the amount of waste created by storing food and drinks in reusable containers and bottles. In general, try and pack foods without wrappers or use reusable materials.

A major factor in the deterioration of the environment is pollution and littering, whether in the air or ground. Students at Bak are, unfortunately, culprits of littering. To help, make an effort to pick up trash around the courtyard after lunch or around school. From Styrofoam plates to old papers, littering impacts the planet and atmosphere.

Another small thing that makes a big difference is unplugging electronics. According to, appliances continue to use electricity even when they are off, so when electronics are not in use, remember to unplug them from the wall. Be sure to also unplug each electronic device from the wall before bed.

Whether it is picking up trash around school or making sure to unplug at night, students have the power to make a difference and help create a better environment. For more ways to contribute to the community, talk to the Bak green team or visit sites online. Get involved and make a difference.