Students sing, dance through many Broadway musical hits


Kate Wagner

Playing their parts, Alrik Blanchard and Ryan Lamontagne sing the title song in the act “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.” Bak on Broadway’s 24 member cast performed songs including “Maria,” “Miracle of Miracles,” “Vanilla Ice Cream,” and many others.

Students had the chance to enjoy the musical theater students’ talents in the Bak on Broadway 2018 production.
“We hold this event to put on a show,” Randy Booth, musical theater teacher and Bak on Broadway director, said. “This particular production is very good for developing talent and performance skills.”
Bak on Broadway was a musical revue, or multi-act theatrical production combining music, dance and sketches. The show featured pieces from popular Broadway musicals, such as the “Sound of Music” and “Fiddler on the Roof.”
“A series of Broadway songs produced in the 1960s and early 1970s were performed,” Sunaina Singh, eighth grade musical theater student, said.
Booth’s fifth period musical theater performance class was featured in the production. Theater teachers Booth, Erin Amico, and Wayne Steadman Jr. prepared the students for the show. Other students contributed in costume coordination, costume crew, sound design, and production stage management.
“Working as costume crew, I help with makeup and hair, and with the actors’ costumes. I help to prepare the actors. For example, I find costumes, take measurements, do hair, and sew,” Ariella Severin, seventh grade theater major, said.
Students began preparing for Bak on Broadway in August. Booth’s class “researched songs, approved them, learned them, and finalized everything,” Singh said.
“Music has to be learned, and I need to develop ideas. The song has to fit the actor,” Booth said.
Shows were held afterschool on March 14 and 15 in the Studio Theater. The company had many in-school performances on various days during fifth period.
“We have a performance for musical theater and we hold it to show what we have done all year. We have out of school and in-school performances for students and family,” Singh said.
Bak on Broadway was new to many students.
“This is my first time helping with this production,” Severin said.
However, Booth had participated in the performance for 12 or 13 years. The show was an annual performance and a tradition.
“I love Dr. Booth’s class and musicals. It is what this event incorporates. This year I am excited to help in any way I can,” Severin said.
Bak on Broadway allowed the musical theater students to share their work and produce a performance their fellow students could enjoy. The cast hoped to put on a successful show.
“This event gives my students experience in acting values and musical production,” Booth said. “They become better in performance skills,and we all had a good time producing this show.”