Starfest shines light on students’ hard work


Kate Wagner

Capturing the attention of the audience, the chorale students sing the traditional vocal song, “Starmakers.” At Starfest the vocal group along with other majors showcased what they worked on throughout the year. “It was so much fun getting to see people I knew and to see their faces while singing, it was such an eye opening experience,” Lefkowitz said.


Students and family lingered around the halls eagerly as they awaited performances, showcases, galleries, and more. On April 6, 2018, Bak held the annual event, Starfest.

“As a science teacher, I get to see my students in science class, but it is neat to see the different personalities students might have in an art area,” Karen Anthony, science teacher, said.

Starfest was a fundraiser for the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), and the tickets cost $30. While dinner was not included in the ticket price, there was a variety of food trucks offered to get dinner from. The PTO expected to bring in a total of $20,000, which was around the same amount made last year.

“We spend around $2,000 on purchasing tickets, paying for police, and feeding volunteers but we are so grateful to all the staff and student volunteers because we could not do this without them,” Alison Kinney, PTO president, said.

Dancers performed modern, contemporary, and jazz songs.  Music had both band and strings concerts, with songs such as “Salsa on the Side”, and “April in Paris”. Vocal students had a variety of different songs, and at the end of their performance, previous vocal students, that are now in high school, joined them in the song “Starmaker”.

“I feel like Starfest helped me gain some confidence as a singer. It gave people a chance to see what really goes on every day and it make them realize how hard we work,” Maya Lefkowitz, seventh grade vocal major, said.

Theater students presented musical theater songs, and had an impromptu scene at the end between two students. The communications department had students display different types of speeches, which included humorous interpretations, declamation, and congress.

“I think everyone should go to Starfest because it is a great way to see what happens in all of the art areas,” Anthony said. “Attending Starfest is a great reminder of what makes being at this school so special.”