New toothbrush scrubs away competition

One thing that identifies a person is their smile, but keeping a good smile involves brushing their teeth, a lot. Brushing has not always been the most enjoyable, but one company is changing the process.

Kolibree unveiled Magik at CES Unveiled 2018. Magik uses Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance the brushing experience.

According to, Magik uses an app that is available on smartphones which allows the user to travel through any of the 15 different worlds.

The app works by working together while the user brushes their teeth. Everytime the user hits the right spot while brushing, they get rewarded with fun and interactive masks when they have brushed thoroughly.

According to, the toothbrush uses computer vision technology, motion tracking and the phone’s camera to function.

Kolibree’s multi-faceted software allows children to play games while learning good oral hygiene, and enables parents to monitor and improve their kids’ and their own tooth brushing habits.

Magik is not yet available to the public for purchase but will cost under $30 apiece with its connected toothbrush technology, according to

Kolibree has reached new heights with the new revolutionary design to help kids find brushing their teeth enjoyable.