Philips “Smart Sleep” Headband ensures a great night sleep


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The new Philips Smart Sleep headband helps the user get more rest out of their sleep, no matter how long it is. The headband used special algorithms that positively affected the persons sleep and performance in the morning.

The new Smart Sleep headband helps get the most out of any sleep, no matter how long it is. This headband is not designed to get more sleep, rather to make someone feel the best from it.
According to, the headband emits special frequencies when the user is in “slow wave sleep,” which is basically deep sleep. This is when brain activity is at the lowest levels. This type of sleep not only creates a great sleep but can improve alertness and focus during the day.

According to the website Gadgets and Wearables, the Smart Sleep headband works with a phone connected to it. Two sensors monitor sleeping levels, and when the brain enters slow wave sleep, the device sends specialized algorithms that emit the frequencies that help improve the sleep quality not length. The phone displays the stats of how the user slept.

What makes this device better than others like it, according to, is that it uses its sensors to detect certain types of sleep in the user’s specific pattern, rather than just a general sleeping pattern.

This headband has been proven to increase quality of deep sleep in older ages, for people with and without sleep problems.  According to, 70 percent of people that have problems sleeping felt less tired and got more out of whatever sleep they got when using the headband.

The Smart Sleep is not currently available in any stores. According to, the headband will be available in the spring and the price will be about $400.