Award ceremonies should be provided for all grades

This year, Bak decided to no longer host its traditional awards ceremonies for all grades. Instead, it is only doing one for eighth graders while sixth and seventh graders will be awarded in the classroom.

Award ceremonies should be held for all grades. Sixth and seventh graders should be recognized for their achievements throughout the school year.

Award ceremonies motivate students to work harder in their schoolwork, because if there is a prospect of getting an award at the end of the year, students will likely achieve more so they can receive one. It makes all students feel more accomplished if they collect awards in front of a big audience- rather than just in a classroom.

The opposition may say that award ceremonies should be only for eighth graders because they should have privileges that the lower grades should not have, and that they have accomplished more. There are eighth grade privileges already available. However, award ceremonies should not be one of them, as it should be an inclusion of all the different individuals around Bak.

Students who have excelled in a particular area or have participated in a sport or club should be recognized in front of an audience, not just a classroom. Award ceremonies are where parents and other family members attend to see what their children have achieved throughout the year, and to celebrate their successes. This opportunity should not just be limited to eighth graders, and Bak needs to have award ceremonies for everyone.